Saturday, January 1, 2011

casa.keru press coverage in "Entdecken Sie Algarve"

Now that was a pretty nice new year's surprise:

casa.keru made it into the January issue of Southern Portugals leading German magazine "Entdecken Sie Algarve" (ESA).

Bernd Keiner wrote a very laudatory full pager praising the maps based search approach of the portal - thank you very much, Bernd!

We knew there was some press coverage in the works, but we didn't expect to even get a plug on the title! Apart from that, we were initially told the article wouldn't get published before February ... sooo glad we got the beta online on time.

Ever since, traffic is constantly increasing, mostly originating from Portuguese and German speaking countries. Also, we experience a growing demand for publishing properties for sale on our platform.

Again, thanks to all our friends over in the editorial department of ESA. Keep up the good work and stop by at the Tredix Cube for a drink or two any time.

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