Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bringing 20.000 Algarve offers to the UK

Traditionally, the Algarve has been the first choice of British people purchasing second homes in Portugal. So what could be more obvious than to make our casa.keru's Algarve offers available right in the potential buyers's domestic market?

Today, we have launched, extending the reach of our portal into the UK and beyond.

Since casa.keru's start in Portugal only 4 weeks ago, listings have doubled. We are now presenting more than 20.000 offers in the Algarve alone, still counting.

For your convenience, all prices on Portugal Realty are labeled in British Pounds. You might see some odd-value pricing due to the current EUR/GBP conversion. The exchange rate is updated on a daily basis. Of course, the ruling price is the Euro amount stated in each property's description.

PS: Happy birthday, Felix!

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